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Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the preparation for the publication of an international peer-reviewed collection of scientific articles
“Spiritual and intellectual education and training of youth in the XXI century” (ISSN: 2708-4809) of the publishing house VNNOO for 2020 by publishing your articles on topical issues of the education system, designed to form people of the future – individuals capable of a happy life through self-realization on their own and the common good, trained in a positive mindset that meets the requirements of the 21st century.

In the new (II) issue of the collection, it is planned to publish articles on the following topics:
0. Terminological (conceptual) apparatus – definitions of basic terms that require unambiguous understanding within the educational system “DIVO-21”

1. Section 1. Analysis of the situation and the relevance of the education system “DIVO-21”.

1.1. Analysis of the situation in society and the role of education.
1.2. The main problems of the existing education system.
1.3. The urgency of reforming the education system.

2. Section 2. Historical and ideological preconditions of the education system

2.1. Self-knowledge and development, knowledge of the surrounding world is a natural aspiration of the human soul.
2.2. The most successful examples of solving problems of personality formation in history.
2.3. The most significant examples of modern education.
2.4. Basic values ​​on which the spiritual core is formed:
The basic spiritual values ​​of a person: happiness, love, truth, goodness, beauty, honor, responsibility, etc., are the basis of all human virtues. Basic values ​​of social relations: freedom, equality, brotherhood. Basic values ​​of society: man, peace, development, service, ecology.
2.5. Personality structure: Key beliefs (focus). Self-esteem. Aspiration. Condition. Qualities (groups). Abilities (skills and habits – groups). External manifestations.
2.6. Conclusions are the necessary conditions for the formation of a person as a person.

3. Section 3. Key provisions of the education system

3.1. Purpose, educational and teaching tasks of education.
3.2. Basic principles and methods of personality formation.
3.3. The main tasks of reforming the education system.

4. Section 4. Content of education

4.1. The moral standard as an integral leading part of the education standard at all levels: key requirements for the moral standard; the main indicators of the moral standard; criteria for evaluating indicators.
4.2 Structure of the education system
4.3. Disciplines / subjects of the model curriculum: New disciplines of purposeful personality formation (their essence). Traditional disciplines (approach).
4.4. Organizational issues (distribution of study time; stages of reforming the education system; issues requiring resolution in science and public administration, etc.).
4.5. Upbringing and teaching methods and experience of their application.

5. Section 5. Fundamentals of the material and technical support of the education system

5.1. The education system should become a priority item in the country’s budget.
5.2. Distribution of funds. Priorities

You can send your articles to the address of the editor-in-chief of the collection Alexander Nikolaevich Khvostichenko e-mail: syshan4@gmail.com (subject of the letter “Article in the collection” DIVO-21 “Last name I.O.)

Basic requirements for the design and volume of articles:
Volume – 5-10 pages of printed text A4, font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5, margins 20-20-20-10 (right).
At the beginning of the article, the data of the author (co-authors) are indicated: full name, scientific degree, academic title, place of work and position, e-mail, contact phone number, number of ordered copies of printed editions of the collection.
Each author can submit several articles, but in different sections / subsections of the collection.
The file with the article in the Ms Word editor format should contain the number of the collection subsection and the author’s surname in the title (example: “4_3 = Surname IO.doc”).

Articles are accepted until November 20, 2020.
Articles of citizens of Ukraine are published free of charge.
The estimated cost of one printed copy of the collection is 130 UAH.

The publication of the collection is January 2021.

The Almanac editorial board wishes you a high creative potential and scientific inspiration!