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OCTOBER 21, 2021


Dear colleagues!

The II International Scientific and Practical Conference
“Spiritual-Intellectual Upbringing and Teaching in the XXI Century” will be on October 21, 2021

The conference will discuss current issues of modern education and science: the formation of a harmoniously developed personality capable of a happy life through self-realization; spiritual and secular education today; implementation of the main tasks of education — upbringing and teaching for the development of society.

Educators, scientists, graduates of the first, second and third levels of education, teachers of general secondary education, public figures and all interested parties are invited to participate in the conference (presentation or report, online master class for sharing pedagogical experience). , who is aware of the leading role of education in building a democratic, non-violent, civilized, harmonious society in which the uniqueness of each individual is recognized and valued, people and nature are united, and all have equal opportunities for a happy and peaceful life together.

The conference will take place in the premises of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after GS Skovoroda at the address: Kharkiv, st. Valentynivska, 2. Anyone can take part in the conference remotely by videoconference. The conference will be broadcast live through the official Youtube channel of the Department of Education and Innovative Pedagogy of GS Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University. There will be an online chat for communication and questions during the conference.

The conference will start on October 21, 2021 at 1000. The working languages of the conference are Ukrainian, English, Polish, Chinese.

Proceedings of the conference will be published in the international periodical “SPIRITUAL-INTELLECTUAL UPBRINGING AND TEACHING IN THE XXI CENTURY” ISSN 2708-4809 (The collection is indexed in IndexCopernicus, each article receives a DOI).

Financial conditions: conference participants after agreeing to participate and receive materials must pay an registration fee of 180 UAH ($ 6). (Doctors of Science, subject to a single report and / or publication, do not pay the registration fee), which cover organizational costs, conference program, certificate (in Ukrainian and English) marked with advanced training (6 hours) and a collection of conference materials in electronic form. Those wishing to receive a printed copy of the collection of materials pay an additional 140 UAH ($5).

Rules of article design

Articles in Ukrainian, English, Polish, Chinese in the volume of 3-5 A4 pages (excluding illustrations) typed in the text editor Microsoft Word with the extension * doc, * docх, * rtf are accepted for consideration. Margins: left, right, top, bottom – 2 cm. Text font – Times New Roman, size – 14, paragraph indent – 1.25, line spacing – 1.5. Illustrations should be in black and white, clear, without small inscriptions, both in the text and added in separate files in jpg format. The title of the article file should contain the surname of the author (or one of the co-authors), and the files of illustrations after the surname should contain the number: “… = fig-1”.

When typing, the following general rules should be followed:
– do not use tabs;
– put only one space between words;
– distinguish hyphen (-) and dash (-, keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Minus);
– combine with an inseparable space (simultaneous pressing of Ctrl + Shift + Space): initials and surnames (S. Ivanov); letters, symbols and numbers to denote volumes, parts, numbers, pages (Vol. 5; Part 2; № 14; pp. 24–9); numbers and letters to indicate dates (2021, 1941–1945, XIX – XX centuries)
– use even quotation marks (“…”);
– the apostrophe should look like this – ‘.

Sequence of placement of materials in the publication: title of the article (capital letters, font – bold); surname and initials of the author (s) (font – bold); scientific degree, academic title (if any), position, place of work (study), city where the educational institution is located, country; annotations and keywords in Ukrainian and English, text of the article, list of used sources in alphabetical order. References in the text should be made in square brackets, for example: [3, p. 56], where the first digit means the ordinal number in the list of used sources, the second – the page number. The list of used sources must be drawn up in accordance with DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic link “. An example of the design of the article is given below.

The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, quotations and references. The Editorial Board will not consider materials that do not meet the above requirements or submitted after the deadline, and reserves the right to select materials for publication in the collection.

All articles will be reviewed and tested for adherence to the principles of academic integrity.

Applications for participation in the conference and articles to the Proceedings (can be sent separately) are accepted electronically to the address of the organizing committee until October 10: kaf-general-pedagogy@hnpu.edu.ua The application form for participation in the conference is given below.

More detailed information can be obtained by phone:
+ 38097-455-7156 + Viber — Lyudmila Rybalko,
+ 38-050-304-30-33 + Viber — Alexander Khvostichenko


Sample design of the article


Lutsenko MV
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
GS Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Abstract (in Ukrainian) (5 lines).

Keywords (in Ukrainian) (4-6 words).

Abstract (in English) (5 lines).

Keywords (in English) (4-6 words).

Article text


  1. Berezivska L. Problems of the national teacher in the activity of Kyiv educational organizations (end of the XIX – beginning of the XX century). Native school. 1998. № 2. S.65–68.


Application for participation in the work


OCTOBER 21, 2021 

1 Full Name
2 Place of work or study
3 Position
4 Degree
5 Academic status
6 Type and form of participation: report, article; face-to-face participation, online (for reports), viewing on the Youtube channel Type —

Form —

7 Article title
8 Number of copies of the printed collection that you order (optional)
9 Do you want to receive a printed certificate of a conference participant?
10 Enter the mailing address for sending the printed collection and certificate or “I will receive in person”
11 Cellphone
12 Contact e-mail

All participants will be e-mailed invitations to participate in the conference according to the selected type and form of participation on the eve of the start.

To receive printed copies of the Collection and the certificate, it will be necessary to transfer the appropriate amount to the bank card, taking into account the cost of postal delivery together with the registration fee.

Bank card details will be sent by a separate letter after confirmation of participation.

Sincerely, the organizing committee