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to the IV issue of the international periodical peer-reviewed collection of scientific papers
“Spiritual and Intellectual Upbringing and Teaching of Youth in the XXI Century” ISSN 2708-4809
Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University

Dear colleagues! Due to the constant challenges and crises of the modern world, the modern teacher is required to develop an increasingly wide range of personally important qualities and professional competencies. Intelligence and readiness for self-change become the basis of a teacher’s continuous professional self-development, his or her ability to interact creatively with different age groups of students, to teach and upbring them. As a higher education institution that trains teachers, we cannot but take this into account in our work. The priority of modern teacher education is the development of spirituality and intellectual abilities of the future teacher.

In our opinion, the development of a future teacher’s spirituality cannot take place without the development of his or her intellect. It is the intellect that makes it possible to analyze deep personal meanings, values, higher motives, and to ask fundamental questions of human existence. People who combine a high level of spiritual and intellectual development have a higher level of consciousness and can recognize the true self of themselves and others. We believe that a highly qualified teacher’s intellect and spirituality enable him or her to choose the right strategy of action and evaluate moral, spiritual, and existential phenomena of human existence. That is, to be wise, to act on the basis of morality and spirituality, not to be arrogant in one’s assessments and judgments.

We believe that the development of a sustainable interaction between spirituality and intellect in the training of future teachers is extremely important. The development of internal motivation and creativity in teaching, the definition of children and their development as the main value, the ability to organize pedagogical communication with students on the basis of equality and harmony are a small part of the challenges that can be solved by a wise, spiritually and intellectually developed teacher.

We believe that our activities in training spiritual, intellectual, wise teachers will help to upbring and teach a truly happy and talented generation and heal the terrible wounds of our country caused by the insidious invasion. So let’s not stop in our work! And everything will be Ukraine!