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Publication of scientific articles

We invite authors to publish articles on pressing issues of our time (on the subject of the Almanac).

With offers to contact through e-mail:

  • Theme of Almanac

  • Almanac rubrics

  • Publishing Rules

  • Requirements for the design of articles

We will be glad not only to publish your article, but also to launch a wide discussion of the urgent problems you have raised.

Participation in conferences

You can take part in conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables and other scientific forums held by VNNOO and with our participation on topics of interest to you as a speaker, a presentation in discussions or just a guest.

Schedule of events will be posted later. Stay tuned for news announcements.

Organizations accept proposals for the preparation and conduct of joint forums.

Write to e-mail:

  • Conferences

  • Symposiums

  • Workshops

  • Reports in the House of Scientists. Kharkov Regional House of Scientists invites you to participate in the discussion of reports at monthly meetings (third Tuesday from 15.00).

  • Other forums

We will be glad to see the results of your research.

Participation in the work of WSNOS

We invite you to take part in the activities of WSNOS.

You can choose an acceptable degree of participation for you, depending on the ability to allocate time for this and your personal and professional qualities.

  • Membership in WSNOS

  • Participation in forums

  • Publishing Articles

  • Other.

We will be grateful to any of your contributions!

Send your applications and offers by e-mail:

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